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Frequently Asked Questions   &   Helpful Tips


1) Visit us at our Aiea store during our regular business hours to purchase your items. 

2) Online shopping: click here
After receiving your order, we will contact you with a status (if order is complete or if any pieces are on back order). You can pick up the order at the store or have it shipped to you for a flat rate of $7.00.

NOTE: We will ship the order when it is complete. If you request to have part of your order shipped immediately and then to have the backordered items shipped separately, there will be an additional charge of $7.00.


Refunds are given for purchases made within 30 days of the original purchase date. RECEIPT IS REQUIRED.

Returns are allowed anytime as long as your school has not discontinued that particular style/color. We will not accept returns/exchanges on brands no longer being offered for that school. RECEIPT IS REQUIRED.

For all refunds and returns, items must be in resalable condition. NO WORN, WASHED, SOILED OR DAMAGED ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED.


Saturdays are the busiest, but if you must come in that day visit us when we first open or after 2:30pm (we are open on Saturdays 9am-4pm during the summer).  Mondays are also busy.  

Shop 3 weeks (preferably 4) before school starts. This way if stock is out there is time for another shipment to come in prior to the first day of school.

Campus Creations is proud to provide uniform-quality clothing that is made to withstand daily wear and numerous washings. With the proper care your child’s uniforms will last a very long time.

• Follow exact washing directions on garment label. If the label is removed, save one and keep it in your laundry area for reference. Be sure to write the item type on the label (polo, PE t-shirt, etc.)

• Avoid using any detergent with bleach. This will help to prevent fading and the breakdown of the fabric.

• We do not recommend using bleach to clean the logo socks. This may cause the elastic to weaken.

• Turn clothes inside out so lint won’t attach to the front, or outside, of garment.

• Close zippers, buttons & snaps and check pockets for loose items.

• To help extend the life of the uniform, we suggest hanging uniform pieces to dry rather than putting them in the dryer. If you prefer using a dryer, follow the exact drying directions on the garment label. Most garments suggest a low-heat setting.

• We recommend hang drying indoors. Air drying with exposure to the sun may cause fading.

• Polo shirts and solid color bottoms (K-12 Gear & Elderwear brand) are wrinkle-resistant. However, please remove items from the dryer promptly.

• One of the best ways to prevent stains from setting in is to treat it immediately. We recommend using non-bleach agents such as Oxi Clean but don’t let it soak too long; read directions on the bottle carefully.

• Topical acne medication can cause bleaching on clothes. Please caution your child not to wipe their face with their clothing.